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Have you considered installing a drip irrigation system in your planting beds? If you haven't, you may be overlooking the most efficient way to water your plants and may be selling your planting bed short. Our Lewisville drip irrigation team absolutely loves these systems. They are easy to install, cheaper than in ground systems and deliver stronger, healthier plants from early spring to late fall.

Our Team Installs New Drip Irrigation Systems And Sprinkler Systems

one of our Lewisville drip irrigation specialists is adding a new drip systemHere's why we think you should seriously consider a drip system.

  • Installing drip irrigation is much faster than a traditional sprinkler system. Some systems can be installed in just a few hours.
  • Drip irrigation is cheaper. Not only are the labor costs lower because there is no digging involved, but the components and fittings are cheaper as well.
  • A drip irrigation system doesn't require extensive excavation in your yard. This eliminates the chance of hitting utility lines or having to dig up existing plantings.
  • Drip irrigation uses less water. Drip heads deliver a small amount of water directly to the root system of the plants so less is wasted on the surrounding ground.
  • Weeds won't sprout in the beds. With no excess water in the planting beds, weed seeds won't germinate and you'll have far fewer to pull out.
  • There is no water splashing on the leaves. Moist leaves can be a perfect place for fungus to start. Keeping the water at the base of the plant reduces the chances of mold growth.
  • Drip lines can deliver fertilizer right to root growth zones and lead to bigger, stronger plants.

In addition to being better for the plants, drip irrigation systems are easy to move and recalibrate. If you decide to change your plants, drip heads can be replaced with micro sprayers and vice versa. If a large plant needs better water access, a deep field emitter can be added to deliver water deeper in the soil. Our Lewisville drip irrigation team can even make yearly adjustments to the system to ensure that water is getting t the roots of your growing perennials.

Get That Beautiful Green Lawn You've Dreamed About

a new irritrol controller was set up by our teamDrip systems can also be easily automated. If you have an existing sprinkler system with a controller, we can hook the drip system directly to it. If you don't, you can get a battery powered timer that can be set to run the drip system at different times during the day.

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